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Meet Janene Verabian CHt, CLC, CWK –
Southern California’s Premier Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Relationship Expert

Janene Verabian has dedicated her career to helping others move through past trauma in order to live a
happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life. She is a graduate of the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of
America - an approved school of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners which sets the highest
standards for hypnotherapists. It is also considered the most advanced hypnotherapy institute in the
world, as the curriculum features an extensive program on the study of human behavior and the mind.
However, beyond certifications, Janene has been there...she’s experienced trauma, she’s been through
toxic relationships and she’s done the work personally to move through them. Her real-life experience
combined with her professional expertise has proven to be the key to helping her clients move through
their trauma – and not get stuck in the cycle of endless therapy.

Specializing in past trauma healing through Clinical Hypnotherapy and Relationship coaching, Janene has earned a reputation for results through over twenty years of personalized guidance for men and
women. Consistently strengthening her professional “toolbox” she regularly pursues advanced
education and holds additional certifications as a Wholistic Kinesiology Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Gottman Institute Certified Level Two Couples Therapist and is currently working on advanced studies through Harvard University.

Janene can often be heard saying, “I don’t talk from the cheap seats.” She focuses on creating a safe
space for her clients to speak openly without judgment while she listens – to extract the root issues and
identify the core elements that the client is seeking to remedy. Her approach is different than most in
her field – her session times are more generous, as she realizes that sometimes an extra few minutes
with a person can be where the breakthrough happens. She also imparts a sense of supportive
accountability as she is passionate about seeing her clients move through their trauma or relationship
unrest. Her goal is to see each person make progress in an intentional way – creating sustainable change for the future they desire.

“I truly love the work I get to do every day, and feel honored to assist so many people to create the change they desire to live happily and fulfilled. If it is time to shed the weight of past trauma, free yourself from subconscious thoughts that impart grief and sorrow, or if you are ready to course correct your relationship and or discover how to attract the right one, I would welcome the opportunity to connect with you!” –Janene Verabian, CHt, CLC, CWK

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